by Arthur Leroy, Magician and Journalist, New York, USA. Reprinted from Sorcar: The Maharaja of Magic, with permission from publisher.

"I am writing this on October 10, 1966 in New York. To this point 1966 has been a bad year for the "It Can't Be Done" fraternity. All over the world the magical performers are reporting that it has been a difficult year to secure bookings for their mystical wares. Performers who have worked for years to establish their sales values find that their earning powers have become less potent.

In 1966 if one spoke of that one time glory of the field - the full evening illusion shows - the answer was always, "It Can't Be Done". In 1966 lack of public demand, economic pressures, union demands, bookers' apathy all combined to make it virtually impossible to sell a full evening illusion show.

By October 10, 1966, the Chang show had vanished like its own Asrah assistant.

By October 10, 1966, the Fu Manchu show had reduced its size to virtually a suitcase show, but even this heroic effort had not solved the problem.

By October 10, 1966, the Kalanag show had changed hands and Helmut had shuffled off muttering his last "Nicht Nazi". Richardini Jr. had closed his own big full evening show and had made a try with the Kalanag show under Mrs. Kalanag's management. It wouldn't work - it wouldn't work at all. So the wondrous, the graceful, the "Dynamo of Deception", Aldo Richardini went back to a short twelve minute act for Night Clubs, revues and all points West and East.

By October 10, 1966, the wonderful Latin American Tichardine show had "tossed in the towel", and Richardo Richardine, a charming performer had attached his abilities as a dancer to his illusions, and with the most salable act of our generation. In spite of this Richardo is having booking problems.

By October 10, 1966, Blackstone had left us and not a living soul in the whole world was interested in buying any part of the Blackstone titles. There was no show to buy. Warehouse charges had long since consumed it.

By October 10, 1966, the Virgil show, one of the most beautiful in the world, had reduced its load and is operating on its spot dates with the emphasis on the "Mental and Hypnotic". Virgil and Julie are now "talking a show".

By October 10, 1966, the Cecil Lyle show had lost its creator and is rotting away in its crates.

The Dante show - rotting, chopped, ruined.

Cantarelli - gone - forgotten.

Chefalo - gone - forgotten.

Tihanyl - stranded his big show in Mexico.

John Daniel - talking.

Arhtur Leroy - pulling puppet strings and looking longingly at my unused illusions.

October 10, 1966, one of the finest illusion shows in the United States, the Mac Birch show, sold pieces by piece. The man who was the logical and planned successor to Howard Thurston has called it quits. He wants no more of a big show.

October 10, 1966, Prince Charming SORCAR has built the biggest, most stupendous illusion show of our times. "It Can't Be Done" but Sorcar IS doing it.

From a small start just a few years back P. C. has built, created, improved, borrowed, financed, and best of all sold the illusion show to end all illusion shows.

When there appear to be no future for the full scale mystical Razz Ma Taz P.C. has brought forth a "Wonder of the World" that appears to be highly salable.

Sorcar has built, purchased, created opulent sets, beautiful costumes, big time lighting effects, and best of all wonders, mysteries, illusions, deceptions from every country, every age, every period. Wondrous forgotten marvels such as "Birth of a Pearl" are part of Prince Charming's world of enchantment.

Sorcar believes in his future, and unlike so many others, in the future of MAGIC as a means of entertainment. He spends fortunes in advertising. Some of his mailing pieces are brilliant beyond belief. He invests as if his product was not general magic but GENERAL MOTORS. He appears to be determined that fabled, fabulous India will once again become the Home of Mystery, and Prince Charming Sorcar its High Priest.

October 10, 1966, the Sorcar show, product of India, is not only the largest full evening illusion show in the world today, but because one man appears to have "guessed right" while the rest of us "guessing wrong", IT IS THE ONLY FULL EVENING ILLUSION SHOW EXISTING in its dizzy old world. Sorcar, a product of India, a nation that exports few theatrical attractions - Prince Charming Sorcar has produced for himself, his country, his profession, his love, a show that at this moment is the only one of its kind in the world.

Over a period of twenty years I've watched the Sorcar show in pictures and advertising matter get bigger, glossier, fatter. One thing bugs me, as I look over a collection of twenty years of Sorcar photos I observe the show gradually becoming bigger - fatter and Prince Charming he's moving along with his show - he's becoming bigger and fatter too. The rest of us starve - Prince Charming Fattens.

This is confusing because it plays 'hell' with an awful lot of rich nation - poor nation propaganda. My be P.C. is proving that riches are creative, not material, but I do wish that Prince Charming would continue to fatten his show but reduce his tummy.

October 10, 1966, It Can't Be Done But Pratul Chandra Sorcar Did It. It Must Be Magic." (end)