Awards and Honours for P.C. Sorcar

The Great Sorcar received numerous national and international awards and honours. Here is a partial list:

Sorcar elected as Honorary Member of the National
and International Magic Association, New Zealand, 1955.

INDIA POSTAGE STAMP, released on February 23, 2010 by the Govt. of India, as an honor to the Great Sorcar.

JADUSAMRAT P.C. SORCAR SARANI (The Monarch of Magician P.C. Sorcar Avenue), Govt. of India names a major street in Calcutta, dedicated to the Great Sorcar

PADMASHRI (the Lotus), awarded by the President of India on January 26, 1964 (Republic Day of India)

THE SPHINX (Nobel Prize of Magic), USA, 1946

THE SPHINX (Nobel Prize of Magic), USA, 1954

THE GOLDEN LAUREL, Germany, 1956

THE ROYAL MEDALLION for World's Greatest Magician, German Magic Circle

"You are the true messenger of Indian culture and world peace," Sorcar receives
congratulations from His Excellency Dr. V.V. Giri, the President of India
(left), Mr. Kenneth B. Keating, the U.S. Ambassador in India (middle), and
Shri K. B. Desai, Governor of Andhra Pradesh (right).

GOVERNOR'S MEDAL, State of Bengal, India, 1943

FELLOW, Royal Asiatic Society, Great Britain.

NATIONAL HONOUR, All Bengal Reception Committee, India, October 18, 1958

CIVIC HONOUR, Corporation of Calcutta, India, July 30, 1958

Sorcar receives Silver Cup from All Bengal Reception
Committee President Shri Sookamal Kanti Ghosh,
Editor-in-Chief of Jugantar, at Rabindra Varati,
Calcutta, India, October 18, 1958

JUSTICE OF PEACE, Calcutta, 1968, 1969, 1970

HONORARY MEMBER, National and International Magic Associations of Christchurch, New Zealand, 1957

GOLD MEDAL, awarded by Aleksander Voloshin, Principal of the Soviet Circus College, Russia, Soviet Union, 1962

CIVIC RECEPTION, by the Mayor of Auckland, New Zealand, 1955

Aleksandar Voloshin, Principal of Soviet Circus
College pins medal on Sorcar, 1962

CIVIC RECEPTION, by the Mayor of Wellington, Australia, 1955

HONORARY MEMBER, Australian Society of Magicians, Adelaide, Australia.

HONORARY MEMBER, Japan Magic Association, March 18, 1954

HONORARY MEMBER, France Magic Circle

The Mayor of Calcutta bestows the insignia of honour
to Sorcar on behalf of citizens of Calcutta and the
Corporation, on July, 1958.

HONORARY MEMBER, Lister Magic Association, Great Britain

HONORARY MEMBER, Belgium Magic Circle

HONORARY MEMBER, Germany Magician Association

MAGAZINE COVERS. Over the decades, thousands of international magazines have published portraits of Sorcar on the cover. Here is a partial list of the renowned magic magazines to feature P.C. Sorcar:

THE SPHINX, USA, July, 1946
GENII: The Conjurer's Magazine, USA, April, 1958
TOPS, USA, March, 1947
LINKING RING, USA, March, 1948
LINKING RING, USA, April, 1961
MAGISCHE WELT, Germany, February, 1954
MAGIE, Germany, December, 1949
MAGIE, Germany, August, 1950
ILLUSIONISMO, Spain, April, 1949
PRESTI, Belgium, January, 1950
DE MAGIER, Holland, August, 1954
TRIKS, Holland, February, 1950
TRIKS, Holland, August, 1950
THE MAGIC MAGAZINE, London, August, 1953