Selected International Articles on the
Great P.C. Sorcar

Sorcar: Greatest Illusionist in Indian History
by John Booth, Globe-Trotting Magician and Author, California, USA

It Can't Be Done
by Arthur Leroy, Magician and Journalist, New York, USA

Sorcar: The Master Magician
by Krishan H. Gandhi, Journalist, Nairobi, Africa

Sorcar in Japan
by Gasho Ishikawa, Magician, Author & Journalist, Tokyo, Japan

Sorcar: The World's Greatest Magician
by Goodliffe, Magician, Editor of Abracadabra, Magical Weekly, England

Sorcar in Australia and New Zealand
by Burns Scandrett, Magician, Proprietor of DeLarno's Magic Centre, Christchurch, New Zealand

He really is the World's Greatest Magician
by Jay and Frances Marshall, Magicians, Authors, and Editors, Chicago, USA

The Great Sorcar: The World's Greatest Magician
by Ronald Murray Shanik, World Photographer & Journalist, Broadway, New York, USA

Sorcar's Artistic Triumph
by Micky Hades, Magician, Editor of Hade-E-Gram Monthly, Calgary, Canada

P.C. Sorcar: Indian Magician in 1946
by Jack Gwynne, Greatest Vaudeville Magician, Chicao, USA

P.C. Sorcar: Our Rotary Club Member
Mihir Roy, Past President, South West Calcutta Rotary Club

Sorcar: This Man Belongs to Another World
by the Sports Editor, Sport's Magazine, Kampala, East Africa

The Maharaja of Magic
by Milbourne Christopher, Magician, Author, Past-President, Society of American Magicians, USA